the forum produces multidisciplinary, performance-based art installations to intellectually and emotionally engage audiences with the most difficult truths in our continuously changing political climate

The Forum is dedicated to creating a new structure of documentary theatre. In lieu of a singular artistic director, the company is led by a group mirroring an editorial board. The board is comprised of theatremakers, performance artists, visual artists, curators and journalists in order to create works of art that discuss topics from multiple viewpoints and mediums. Additionally, the board ensures that several individuals question and, therefore, strengthen the current project, despite having a lead artist. Finally, the board also decides on the following project when the company’s current project is complete.

Each project blends live performance, gallery curation and journalistic reporting to produce multidisciplinary events that intellectually challenge and emotionally engage with patrons. In many cases, the projects will pair a performance piece with a living newspaper gallery. The Forum’s goal is to create sanctuaries of open discussion through projects that a) address extremely current political and social issues, b) are decided upon through a board of multidisciplinary artists and c) structurally discuss a central issue using multiple mediums.

current board

Kieran Beccia literary development director & casting director

Katharine Hada curatorial director

Julius Rea artistic director

Leigh Rondon-Davis producing director

Jesse Sutterley editorial director

Ryan Takemiya audience engagement director

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